Hustle (Rope Hustle & NY Hustle)

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What is Rope Hustle?

  • Rope Hustle is a style of hustle dance where you step on every beat (all double rhythm)
  • Golden State Dance Teacher Association (GSDTA) Teachers taught a dance form from 1977 through 1980’s under the name 2-Hand Salsa (or Salsa Valiente). It can resemble Country Swing, Latin or even Hustle
  • The simplicity of the dance allows students to concentrate on Centering, Movement, Position Changes, Count and Feeling the Music rather than concentrating on Foot Patterns
  • This dance takes on the look of whatever music is being played. It’s great for Cruises, Weddings, School Classes, or any other social situation where you need or want easy, quick and FUN dancing
  • It is a dance that EVERY wherever possible should know going on to other more complicated RHYTHM dances. It makes the dancer comfortable in any social situation and also teaches a variety of partner moves that support future learning
  • This is one dance that could probably make you the “Life of the Party”. As a man, it is easy to lead non-dancers into this dance, simply be letting them march in place
  • It prepares you for various directions that are used in other dances
  • Most of all it is a FUN dance that is EASY to learn
  • It is also a wonderful way to get introduced to partner dancing
  • Rope Hustle is a foundation dance and teaches a lot of techniques used in more complicated dances like Rock n Roll/Jive (AKA East Coast Swing) and Jump Swing, which have similar patterns but have more emphasis on more complicated rhythms
  • Learning Rope Hustle is also a great way to socialise, meet new people, have fun and keep fit and all whilst learning to dance
  • No partner is required
  • It's a great social night out
  • It's a great way to improve both physical and mental health

The best way to know rope hustle is to see it danced

Rope Hustle (Dance Class) Taster Class
Rope Hustle Demo

What is NY Hustle?

The best way to know NY hustle is to see it danced

NY Hustle Demo