Swing (East Coast Swing & Lindy Hop)

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What is East Coast Swing?

  • As with all Swing dances, East Coast Swing was derived from the original Swing dance: the Lindy Hop.
  • After the Second World War was over, the western world was ready once again for new dancing innovations.
  • East Coast Swing subsequently adapted well to the rock-n-roll music that became popular in the late 1950's and 1960's, danceable to everything from the Drifters to the Beach Boys.
  • It was during this time that the "Jive" version of East Coast Swing (as it is danced socially in North America) developed to the fast rock-n-roll music.
  • East Coast Swing in its basic structure is based initially on a 6-count basic step (using six beats of music).
  • It starts with a "rock step" (2 steps in place) followed by a "triple" to the left for the man (side, close, side) and then a "triple" to the right.
  • This basic rhythm then repeats: rock, step, triple step, triple step.

The best way to know East Coast Swing (Triple Rhythm) is to see it danced

East Coast Swing (Triple Rhythm)

What is Lindy Hop?

The best way to know Lindy Hop is to see it danced

Lindy Hop Demo